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May 30, 2011

Best 2011 Disk Defragmenter Software

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SoftwareInReview looked at disk defragmenter software programs. Listed below are our top seven disk defragmenter programs for 2011. Each program was ranked based on ease of use, effectiveness of features, and availability of help/support.

Diskeeper is the best disk defragmenter software on the market. Anyone from novice to a more advanced user will be able to utilize this software. Step-by-step guided instruction allows even a beginner to utilize this software while more advanced users can take advantage of a vast array of features. This software offers an automatic option for defragmenting your system, allowing you to regularly perform this operation without thinking about it. This software even works to prevent fragmenting before it actually occurs. Additionally, Diskeeper runs in the background almost seamlessly, enabling you to work in other large applications such as Microsoft Word without the hint of slowing down your performance. If you do get stumped, Diskeeper Corporation provides support in about every format you could imagine. They provide a FAQs section, email support, an online user manual, and their help section contains a direct link to their website if you need additional support. This all-in-one program was our top pick because it out performs many of the stand alone programs. If there is a down side to this software it may be that the extensive feature set may be a little complex for the more novice user.

O&O Defrag offers a wide variety of defragmentation features to please most users. More advanced users may not find as many configuration options as they would like, but beginners and intermediate users will find this software very easy to navigate without needing a lot of experience with disk defragmenter software. One nice feature this software has is a power save mode. This automatically stops the defragmentation session when being utilized on a laptop or netbook which is being powered off the battery. Another unique feature to O&O Defrag is that it prevents the defragmentation process from being interrupted or stopped by any external program. This software is one of the fastest performing defragmenters on the market and received high marks performance for maintaining that speed even while running other programs. There is also an ample supply of help available in the form of FAQs, email and online support. This program is an especially good choice for beginner and intermediate users.

PerfectDisk provides the user with a large feature set, including its signature feature Custom SMARTPlacement. This feature allows the user to take total control of the layout of a drive ensuring optimal performance by consolidating large amounts of free space. This software performs at a good speed, although it is not as fast as some of the other defragmenter software we reviewed. The software did perform well while utilizing other programs; however, this did slow the defragmentation session a little. While PerfectDisk does provide a good built in help section, it is a little difficult to figure out how to get the help you need. Overall this is a great disk defragmenter software. A wide variety of features, the ability to automatically set up defragmentation sessions, and easy to navigate menus makes this a good choice for all users.

Norton Utilities is a suite of system utilities that offers defragmentation software which is reasonably fast and runs efficiently even while other applications are being utilized. The software has a reasonably intuitive interface which means even novice users can navigate its features. Support is provided through FAQs, a help section, and there is also online support available on Symantic’s website. While Norton Utilities gives the user the ability to safely delete sensitive data which is a feature not available in most other disk defragmentation software, it does lack other features such as SSD drive support and remote drive access. The bottom line is that this software can get the job done, but it is not as fast or as powerful as some of the other software programs we reviewed. More casual users may find the additional utilities packaged with this disk defragmenter to be just what they need. However, more advanced users may want to check out other disk defragmenter software due to the lack of some features and inability to have more control over the defragmentation process.

Puran Defrag allows the user to prioritize defragmentation sessions by providing both a low and high priority option. Low priority can be selected when the user wants to utilize the computer while defragmenting in the background and high priority can be selected for a faster defragmentation session. We gave the software high marks for its ease of use since it has an easy to navigate interface. However, its lack of features such as Raid drive support, error checking and Page file optimization does not make it a good choice if you require more advanced features. Additionally, there is little help/support if you run into trouble. There is some built in help which comes with the program, but online help is limited to email support. This disk defragmenter software was intended to get the job done quickly and efficiently without a lot of bells and whistles. Puran Defrag does just that.

This disk defragmenter software packs a punch for a small price. While MST Defrag offers a limited number of features, each one is well thought out and well executed. The user has the ability to choose from one of three defragmentation modes; Defragment, Defragment Smart and Defragment Smart/M/. Each mode runs reasonably fast and provides the user with the ability to select the depth of defragmentation to be done. Unfortunately, this software does not offer some of the standard features available in most defragmenter software such as a boot-time mode and error checking. MST Defrag does offer a well-designed help section which is good because the only other type of support available is a limited FAQs section on their website. The lack of features is certainly a trade off for the low price of the software, but for a more comprehensive product you will want to check out some of the other disk defragmenter software we reviewed.

Ultimate Defrag3 is definitely not for beginners or even intermediate users since its interface can be overwhelming. Additionally, the user must have more than a basic understanding about hard drive structure in order to use the program effectively. Unlike its higher ranked competitors, Ultimate Defrag3 also did not always run well in the background. However, this is a powerful program with a comprehensive list of features for advanced users. The lack of help/support was surprising for such a complex program. Support was limited to online help and email, but this program does not even include a FAQs section. Although its low cost may make the software attractive, it is only for advanced users and does not offer the overall benefits of the other disk defragmenter software we reviewed.


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  2. Great review. Diskeeper has always been my defragger of choice. It’s the only one that can prevent most fragmentation from happening in the first place.

    Comment by john — June 7, 2011 @ 11:19 am

  3. I agree, Diskeeper is the best of the best. I particularly like its ability to prevent practically all fragmentation on the disk before it happens and that it instantly defrags whatever residual fragmentation does happen to “sneak by”. Get a free trial at

    Comment by Bill R TechSpec — June 23, 2011 @ 1:28 pm

  4. I can’t understand why Ultimate Defrag is so low ranked! It makes partition works faster than products ranked on first three positions!!! I test these 4 programs and my choise is UD 3

    Comment by ExaFlp — September 10, 2011 @ 9:41 am

  5. Diskeeper is not the only defragmenter that can prevent fragmentation in real time.
    Perfectdisk 12 has OptiWrite which basically does the same thing as Diskeepers IntelliWrite.

    Comment by KevTech — November 25, 2011 @ 11:39 am

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