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Inesoft Cash Organizer 2005 Premium

By Jem Matzan

At any given time, can you review your financial situation? At the very least, you'd have to carry your checkbook with you, and at most, you'd need Internet access to review your investment portfolio. Many people use programs like Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money to more easily track their finances, but neither of those programs travel well. Inesoft Cash Organizer '05 Premium fills that niche by giving you access to Quicken or Money data on your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile cell phone.

Taking your financial information with you

The purpose of Inesoft Cash Organizer 2005 Premium is pretty straightforward: it's designed to make Quicken and/or Money data more mobile. It does not, however, require either program to operate, and it is entirely possible to use Cash Organizer as a standalone Pocket PC program.

Cash Organizer allows you to input or transfer your financial data for any number of accounts, so you can track both your personal and business data separately in the same program. Aside from basic account and transaction information, you can also track project finances; create budgets and forecasts; and make and view a variety of different reports, charts, and graphs of your data.

Inesoft has a number of screen shots on the Cash Organizer product page.

Interface and usability

Installation is accomplished through an ActiveSync connection, so Microsoft Windows and ActiveSync are required to install the software and to synchronize data between your Pocket PC and your computer.

Cash Organizer 2005 Premium was designed with Quicken and Money users in mind, so the interface is somewhere between the two. If you're familiar with the interfaces of these two programs, you shouldn't have much trouble navigating Cash Organizer. If you've never used Quicken or Money before, Cash Organizer will take some time to learn. Fortunately, Inesoft provides a thorough and excellently designed user manual in PDF format to help new users learn the system.

Data is stored in the .QIF format and is freely interchangeable between Cash Organizer and recent editions of Quicken and Money (older editions may have some trouble), so you don't have to worry about file format compatibility. When you make changes to your Cash Organizer data, it'll be available on your desktop computer after your next sync.

In addition to the main program, Cash Organizer also adds a section to your welcome screen so that you can see a summary of your data as soon as your Pocket PC is powered on. You can customize this heading to display your current finances or your transaction schedule for any of your accounts.


I wish I could say more about this program. I have, in fact, delayed the review for several days to try to figure out what else I can write about it. The bottom line is that Inesoft Cash Manager 2005 Premium works as advertised -- you can track your finances and synchronize data with recent versions of Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken. The only thing missing from this program is the ability to import data from the Internet -- from an online banking or trading account, for example. That one omission aside, Cash Organizer is essentially a low-cost portable Quicken/Money amalgamation. In fact, if you have either of those programs and also have a Pocket PC, it makes more sense to buy Cash Organizer because of its portability and dramatically reduced cost.

Purpose Financial organizer
Manufacturer Inesoft
OS support Microsoft Windows Mobile 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 (5.0), Phone Edition
License Proprietary, restrictive in all the usual ways
Market Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money users
Price (retail) U.S. $25
Previous version Cash Organizer 2000
Product Web site Click here