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February 13, 2012

Best 2012 Privacy Software Programs

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SoftwareInReview looked at privacy software programs. Listed below are our top seven privacy software programs for 2011. Each program has been given a short overview to help you to understand each program and what they have to offer you.

Webroot Window Washer

This is the number one privacy software program on this top seven list, and it is number one for a very good reason. The Webroot Window Washer is very easy to navigate and is easy to understand for any user level. It is very powerful and is in line with all of the government regulations that are put in place to protect your private information both online and also while you are offline. It also is value for money as it comes in at a very decent price tag for what it does.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite

The CyberScrub Privacy Suite comes with several advanced features that form a unique tool which you will not find on any other privacy software program on this list or any other list. It comes with a unique Risk Monitor which updates itself so that it can keep you ahead of the hackers and identity theft artists out there. You can be assured that all of your sensitive information is completely safe.

Evidence Eliminator

This security program is very easy to navigate and unlike other privacy software programs comes with the features that find and then removes all of your private data in over forty essential and crucial areas un like others that only cover a maximum of thirty. It also deletes folder, files, pictures etc in such a way that the information cannot be ever recovered by ay government program let alone a spy program.

Privacy Guardian

Produced by PC Tools this professional security software is very safe and will help you to cover up all of your personal information on all of Windows applications, additional software and also internet browsers. Deleting the already “deleted” this software can perform several tasks at once making it the perfect multi-tusker that will help you to keep things private both on and off line. It also makes itself very visible and also has a shredding application within to ensure total privacy and security.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

ParetoLogic Privacy controls scans through all of the search engines that you use for any of your private information that may slip through your regular firewall or other privacy programs so that it can be effectively removed leaving no trace. The system is easy to use and allows you to choose your own settings and flexibility which may take you sometime to tweak but is worth it in the end. This privacy program also exceeds the current U.S government standards by allowing you to overwrite your hard disk by up to seven times!


This privacy software program helps you to create a safe, secure and confidential computer system that will protect you and your sensitive information. It erases your entire web browsing history completely including the hidden fingerprint that most privacy software leaves behind. With WinSweeper clears and deletes all of the information stored on your other software programs and even Windows itself in one ease to use, one click system that scans your entire computer looking for potential threats and uncovers all of your sensitive information that is stored here and there for removal.

Ghost Surf Platinum

Ghost Surf Platinum is the perfect solution to prevent spam from flooding into your inbox. It manages to eliminate online advertisements, it secures your PCs or laptops confidential passwords and files and while you are surfing and buying online it prevents identity theft by erasing all traces of your web surfing, card details, password and account details. Most anti-virus and other firewall programs cannot do this for you and that is why Ghost Surf Platinum is the best program for encrypting your information in a way that prevents hackers from tracking you.

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