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October 18, 2009

With the coming of KDE 4.3, the old question comes back: which is better - KDE or GNOME?

Filed under: Linux Desktops — admin @ 4:05 pm

Framing the Debate:

GNU/Linux has many, many graphical display options from basic window managers using the X Window system to complete desktop environments; however, most agree that the two top choices for graphical disply for Linux systems are GNOME and KDE.

The debate as to which one is better, GNOME or KDA, has been ongoing for years and still continues in 2009.  Early this year, Jack Wallen wrote the article “10 reasons why GNOME is better than KDE” in which he concludes that “Prior to 4, I would have picked KDE over GNOME any day. But with the advent of 4, I have to say GNOME is far ahead of KDE in terms of design, stability, and usability.” (blog entry)

Bruce Byfield countered Jack’s argurment in March of 2009 writing “…should the GNOME project carry out its plans, the 2.30 release should generate its own excitement when released a year from now. But that’s the point: by the time GNOME is modernized, KDE will have had two years to perfect the 4.x releases. And, even when GNOME 2.3 finally arrives, it sounds like more of an overhaul than a complete rewriting, which makes its competitiveness questionable.” (blog entry)


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